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Criminal Pictures and John Fenner Studios would like to officially announce the change in title of our upcoming film.  While the working title of the film was "The Recruitment", the new title for the film is "Strange Deal".  We will no longer be using the old title, it no longer has any meaning in relation to the film. The film is called “Strange Deal”.

In Facebook terminology this is a "Rebrand". This is our official announcement that the new official name for our brand (the motion picture officially called "Strange Deal") is  officially "Strange Deal".

No other title will be used in association with our movie. The title is officially "Strange Deal".

Everyone at Criminal Pictures and John Fenner Studios is happy with the change. While many of us like the old title, another film is in development with the same name and to avoid confusion, the decision was made to change the title to "Strange Deal". So it is official, the title of our upcoming production is now “Strange Deal”.

 We are making every effort to remove any reference to the old title as we make efforts to educate or people familiar with film of the name change, or rebrand. When the old name appears it is confusing to people who are interested in the film. It is important as we distribute and market the film that our audience understands that the title of the film is "Strange Deal".  "Strange Deal" is the only name that should be in use in relation to the film.

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Strange Deal is new title!
Press Release: Title Change